Negligent Security

Negligent Security

Florida Negligent Security Attorneys

Property owners have a duty to provide adequate security to individuals on their premises. At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC, our North Tampa premises liability lawyers work with victims of negligent security to pursue claims against careless property owners and businesses. We are seasoned personal injury attorneys with more than five decades of courtroom and settlement experience. We can provide the aggressive representation you need to hold a property owner or business liable for your injuries.

Premises Liability for Victims of Crimes

Negligent security is a type of premises liability that holds property owners liable for failure to adequately protect individuals on their property from a crime. Examples of negligent security include inadequate lighting on the premises, the absence of security guards, overgrown trees or bushes, and lack of certain security measures in convenience stores.

Crime victims often suffer serious injuries, including disfigurement or even death. Someone who becomes a victim of rape, robbery, or another crime may hold the property owner or possessor liable under certain circumstances.

Liability for Negligent Security in Florida

A crime victim may hold a property owner liable for negligently securing the property. The victim must show the property owner’s negligence to establish liability. The negligence elements are:

  • Duty of care. Property owners have a duty to exercise care in maintaining their property, which includes a duty to guard against dangerous conditions, such as reasonably foreseeable and preventable crimes on their property. People are owed this duty of care if they are on the property for a business, social, or public purpose. People who are trespassing may not be owed a duty of care, or they may be owed a lesser duty.
  • Breach. A property owner breaches the duty of care by failing to provide reasonable and adequate security, such as sufficient lighting. Crime statistics can factor into whether a defendant knew or should have known about dangers in the area and taken measures to guard against them.
  • Causation. The victim must show that the property owner’s actions caused the victim’s injuries.
  • Damages. The victim must show that he or she suffered damages for his or her injuries as a result of the crime.

If a person was victimized at a convenience store, Florida creates a presumption against liability for owners and operators who implement certain security measures to protect customers and employees from crimes during late-night hours. These measures include specific lighting in the parking lot, a security camera system, and window signage that allows a clear view from outside the building. If a serious crime such as murder or robbery has previously occurred on the property, the business must implement additional security measures. A convenience store owner may be liable for your injuries if it failed to implement measures required by the state.


Violent crimes can have a particularly damaging psychological and physical impact on a victim. If a victim can establish the property owner’s liability for negligently securing the premises, the victim may be able to recover damages. These may include lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. If a victim died as a result of the crime, family members may recover compensation for the victim’s medical and funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and more. Florida requires you to file a personal injury lawsuit within four years of the crime, while you must file a wrongful death claim based on a family member’s death within two years of the crime.

Dedicated Legal Representation

At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC, our Spring Hill negligent security attorneys can help you seek compensation for your injuries if you were a victim of a crime caused by a property owner’s carelessness. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing personal injury victims and take a personalized approach on every case we handle. We can put our years of courtroom experience and negotiation skills to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call us today at (866) 597-0009, or you can contact us online to arrange a free consultation.

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