What kind of custody should I pursue

A hot button for people when they come into the office is what kinda custody they’re going to choose for their divorce. There are two different kinds of custody. There’s when one party is the primary custodian, and that means they have the final say in all the decisions. And then there’s joint physical custody. What this actually means is you and your spouse are going to share equal time, or maybe not equal time, but some shared custody arrangement. And there also is something called joint legal custody. Joint legal custody is often present, whether there’s joint physical custody or not. Joint legal custody means you have access to medical records, you have access to school records, you can participate in the children’s extra-curricular activities. Basically it just means that you’re going to be a part of that child’s life and you’re gonna have access to the information that you want to have access to. These are things that people get hung up on. I work with these kinda situations all the time. I know what works for people. And I’ve worked with a variety of different kinds of parents as they work towards custody schedules for their children. Call our office and set up an appointment today, and we’d be happy to help you work with these issues.

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