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Two-Boat Collision Claims the Life of Prominent Florida Attorney

by Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC, posted in Boating Accidents Blog
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Earlier this month in Key West, a Florida woman was killed in a boating accident while she was on a lobster-fishing trip with a friend. According to a local news report, the women were aboard a 44-foot catamaran when they noticed that a large sport-fishing boat was heading straight towards them.

In an attempt to avoid what seemed like certain death, the two women jumped off the catamaran and into the water. However, as the sport-fishing boat tried to make a last-minute correction to avoid the collision, he hit both women in the water.

The women were airlifted by the U.S. Coast Guard to the Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West. One woman, a prominent Florida attorney, was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other is reported to be in stable condition.

The accident is still under investigation as authorities try and piece together why the sport-fishing boat did not see the 44-foot catamaran directly in its path. The driver of that boat could be facing criminal charges for his role in the fatal boating accident, according to a spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Boating Accidents in Florida

With over 1,300 miles, Florida is second only to Alaska for miles of linear coastline. That being the case, it is not surprising to hear about an occasional boating accident that occurs in Florida waters. However, like other accidents, boating accidents are almost all avoidable, and the party who is at fault can often be held liable in a Florida court of law.

Boat operators have a duty to others using the waters to make sure that they operate their vessels in a safe manner, abiding by all rules and safety precautions. When a boat operator takes his or her attention away from the waters ahead, even if only for a moment, devastating consequences can result.

Unlike a car, boats cannot brake or change direction very easily. It often takes them more time and a longer distance to make a significant change in direction. Therefore, boat operators should be especially careful when they are in an area where there are other boats or swimmers.

Proving a case for damages after a boating accident is simple in theory but more difficult in practice. There are numerous defenses that boat operators can use to try and deflect liability away from themselves and onto the victim. Therefore, the assistance of a dedicated Florida boat accident attorney is crucial to the success of a boat accident claim.

Have You Been Injured in a Boating Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured by a boating accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages for your injuries or losses. In many cases, the fault for an accident can be pinned on one party, making the other a completely innocent victim. To learn more about the boating laws in Florida and how boat accident victims can recover financially for their injuries, click here or call 866-597-0009 today to schedule a free consultation with a Florida personal injury attorney.

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