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What should I do after a slip and fall case?

by James Holliday, posted in Uncategorized

If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident, the first and most important thing is get the medical help that you need. After that, make sure that your loved ones or friends get pictures of the scene where you fell, and the names of witnesses. Come in to meet with a lawyer that handles a lot of slip and fall type accidents and they will talk to the insurance company.


A big mistake that people make is talking to the insurance company before getting a lawyer. That is a big mistake because they’re not your friend and they’re not trying to help you. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident, please give me a call, come into the office and we’ll sit down and figure it out together.

Jim HollidayJim Holliday

Jim Holliday has recovered millions of dollars for his clients in restitution for their injuries.

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