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What to do after a car accident personal injury?

by James Holliday, posted in Florida Auto Accident

After a car accident, the first and most important thing is get the medical help that you need right away. After that, make sure that you or loved ones get photographs of the proper damage to both your car and the other car involved in the accident, the names of witnesses and photographs of the scene to make sure you preserve any evidence on the roadway that would show skidding or failing to break.

Those type of photographs are very important later. Get the names of the witnesses and then report the accident immediately to your insurance company but do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company without having a lawyer present. The insurance company oftentimes is not actually there to help, the lawyer is. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, please give me a call I’d like to help.

Jim HollidayJim Holliday

Jim Holliday has recovered millions of dollars for his clients in restitution for their injuries.

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