What can cause brain damage?

What can cause brain damage?
What can cause brain damage? Brain damage can be caused by any type of traumatic accident. Here at Holliday Karatinos we handle many brain injury cases. And they come in all forms and sizes. There is no typical brain injury case. They spend the whole gamut from a concussion, all the way to catastrophic brain injury where our client needs 24 hours, seven day a week care. There are many different types of brain injury, whether it's caused by a fracture to the skull. Or what's known as coup contrecoup injury where the brain is floating inside fluid and the brain will bounce the sides of the skull and it can cause all types of injuries including hematoma intuition. If you've suffered a brain injury, please come and talk with me. I'd like to sit down and discuss it with you and together we can see if you have a case.
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