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Many places in Florida have distinct areas for bike riders to explore. However, cars occupy a lot of the streets with bicyclists. As a result, a crash is likely to happen. You might be able to get compensation if you experience a bicycle accident. A lawyer from Holliday Karatinos Law Firm can help.

Our Florida bicycle accident lawyers have helped clients with similar cases. We know how to navigate the legal system and can find a suitable strategy for your case. You focus on your recovery while we handle your claim.

Many places in Florida have distinct areas for bike riders to explore. However, cars occupy a lot of the streets with bicyclists. As a result, a crash is likely to happen. You might be able to get compensation if you experience a bicycle accident. A lawyer from Holliday Karatinos Law Firm can help.

Our Florida bicycle accident lawyers have helped clients with similar cases. We know how to navigate the legal system and can find a suitable strategy for your case. You focus on your recovery while we handle your claim.

Why Choose Us?

Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Consider Holliday Karatinos Law Firm if you need a Florida bicycle accident lawyer. Our team has about 65 years of collective experience. In addition, we have given related seminars to other lawyers. We have built a reputation for having the knowledge and skills to represent bicycle accident victims in the courtroom.

You can trust our attorneys to be relentless in pursuing fair compensation. We do not back down when we negotiate with the other party. The process starts with a consultation.

A consultation with our office does not cost you anything. During the meeting, we review the information you have to evaluate your case. We are ready to work with you if the other side owes you money.

Benefits of Hiring Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The compensation offered by an adjuster may not be enough to pay for all the crash-related expenses. Nonetheless, you do not have to accept a settlement right away. Instead, call us.

Our bicycle accident lawyers can benefit you in multiple ways.

Our attorneys can offer you several advantages:

  • Resources. The laws and insurance tactics complicate a claim. A lawyer has the resources to help the process move more efficiently. They can acquire evidence and find witnesses. An attorney can help ensure you get proper medical care.
  • Knowledge of the law. Different laws may apply when you pursue a bicycle accident claim. A person has to spend on research. An attorney knows the laws and how to navigate the court system.
  • Improve focus on recovery. A bicycle collision lawyer handles most of the work a claim has in store. They focus on deadlines and negotiations so that you can concentrate on your medical treatment.
  • Maximized compensation. A part of an attorney’s job is to calculate the value of an accident claim. Your lawyer knows what affects your case’s worth.
  • Prevent legal pitfalls. The other party might use what you say or do against you. Recorded statements and the use of your social media posts are common. An attorney protects you and your case from any setbacks.

Bicycle accident attorneys have many benefits. Our lawyers have years of experience and have proven to be valuable assets to clients.

Our Lawyers Can Make Your Claim Easier

Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After an accident, insurance companies investigate the damage. An adjuster reviews the police report. They may ask you questions about the crash and your injuries as well. The process usually takes a few days, but the compensation may not be easy.

Insurers generally do not want to make significant payouts. They have a few tactics to limit or avoid a settlement. The adjuster may look for inconsistencies when they ask questions or request a recorded statement. Delays can make the process stressful as well.

The adjuster could attempt to delay your claim or avoid communication as much as possible. Then, they may encourage a fast settlement of a low payout. The battle with the insurance company is not easy without an attorney.

A Holliday Karatinos Law Firm lawyer can advise you on how to deal with the adjuster when they call. Additionally, we negotiate with the company to obtain an amicable offer.

Can a Bicycle Accident Victim Get Compensation?

When people think of a traffic accident, they might imagine crashed motor vehicles. However, a collision can involve a person on a bicycle. Annually, over 6,100 bicycle accidents occur in Florida. Similar to a motor vehicle collision, bicyclists can get injuries like broken bones.

Since a person does not have sufficient barriers, they are more likely to experience greater bodily harm. As a result, the economic losses can become significant. However, a person might not know what to do after a crash.

Bicyclists have the same rights to compensation as drivers under Florida law. Cars must be cautious around them, and a victim has a right to get compensation if a motorist is negligent. After an accident, reimbursement comes from the insurance company.

The individual’s personal injury protection insurance pays for damages. However, a policy usually covers a limited amount. For example, the insurer may only pay for a significant portion of lost wages. Alternatively, a bicycle rider may not have auto insurance if they do not own a car.

Contact a law firm if you have issues with insurance payments. An attorney can help you figure out the next step.

Florida Bicycle Accident Causes

Bicycle accidents happen when someone or something causes a rider to crash. Speeding, loose objects, and driver inattention are common causes. Holliday Karatinos Law Firm has experience with bicycle accident cases.

We can help with accident types like:

  • Rear-end crashes
  • Dooring
  • Right hook collision
  • Side-impact collision
  • Crashes with fallen objects

You may qualify for a claim regardless of how the accident happened.

Bicycle Collision Injuries

A person may sustain injuries upon contact with a vehicle or falling off their bike. Our lawyers know injuries can lead to high medical expenses. You can get compensation for the required medical treatment.

Common injuries are:

Some injuries have a higher value than others. Go to a doctor immediately. Then, contact one of our bicycle accident lawyers.

Areas With High Bicycle Accident Potential

Bicycle accidents can happen in many places in Florida, but some have a higher potential than others.

Common locations are:

  • Intersections. Roughly 50 percent of traffic injuries happen at intersections. Bicyclists cross or turn near many vehicles. They can have the right-of-way, but drivers might not notice them.
  • Urban areas. Cities have a higher accident rate than rural areas. Around 75 percent of fatalities occur on urban roads. Cities and downtown places regularly see plenty of cars and bicycles on the streets.
  • Close to a neighborhood. People are likely to ride their bikes in and near residential areas. A driver might not check their surroundings before reversing in or out of a driveway.
  • Major public roads. The increased speed and density on major public roadways can be dangerous for bicycle riders. Some places have designated lanes for bicycles. Nevertheless, accidents can still happen.

Regardless of where you experienced a collision, the law could entitle you to compensation. Our attorneys can help you get back on your feet.

How to Prove Negligence

You first must prove the other side was negligent. The initial step is to show if the other party owes you a duty of care. Motorists must follow Florida’s traffic laws and exercise reasonable caution.

Once you prove the other party had a legal obligation, you need proof of causation. Evidence should demonstrate how the motorist acted carelessly. Phone records could prove they texted while driving, or street cameras reveal they ignored the red light. The driver’s actions then must directly link to the accident.

The resulting crash must have led to your injuries. In turn, the injuries caused economic losses. Your medical records and bills can act as proof. Additionally, your attorney may use pay stubs or tax returns as evidence.

Who Is Liable for a Bicycle Crash?

Different parties could be liable for bike accident injuries. In many reported cases, another driver acted carelessly. They may not have provided enough space or didn’t pay attention to the road. However, the at-fault motorist’s name might not be under the title.

The vehicle owner might not have been the one who drove the car during the accident. Nevertheless, you can file an injury claim against them. Florida’s dangerous instrumentality doctrine extends liability to the owner minus a few exceptions. Of course, the owner of the vehicle might be a business.

The motorist may have been on the road to fulfill their work obligations. The employer would owe you money for damages if the employee acted within the scope of their employment. An exception is if the employer travels to or from work.

Another possible liable party is the manufacturer of the bicycle. The wheels or brake mechanism might have been faulty and caused the accident. Therefore, you have the right to hold the company accountable. A bicycle accident lawyer can help find out who was negligent.

When to File a Bicycle Accident Claim

The ideal time to begin the legal process to get compensation is soon after the crash. Like other states, Florida has a strict statute of limitations for injury accidents. You have four years if a negligent party hurt you while you were on your bike.

The four-year deadline begins on the same day the crash transpires. However, the timeframe shortens to two years if you plan to file a wrongful death claim. An extension could be possible if your situation meets specific requirements. Otherwise, the judge likely will dismiss your case after the statute of limitation expires.

You must act quickly. Hire a bicycle accident lawyer as soon as you can. An attorney prevents you from missing the deadline.

The Insurance Deadline

Another reason you should start your case early is that the insurance company may deny you if you delay. Insurers in Florida have a 14-day time limit for personal injury protection claims. You become ineligible for compensation once the 14 days are over, especially if you did not get medical care by then.

Can You Get Compensation if the Other Driver Did Not Hit You?

Even if the car did not hit you, the person behind the wheel is still negligent for any damages. The motorist’s improper driving behavior caused you to maneuver in response. You swerved off the road to avoid a collision with them but still sustained substantial injuries.

In addition, you may have to repair your bike. The bills can take a financial toll. However, a claim aims to compensate you for the damages. You can reach out to a bicycle accident lawyer to get advice on what to do next.

What Happens if the Accident Was a Hit-and-Run?

Over 108,100 hit-and-run accidents transpire yearly in Florida. A small portion of them involve people on bicycles. The at-fault driver flees the scene and leaves the injured bicyclist confused about what to do. If you were in a hit-and-run crash, the first step is to contact the police.

When the officer arrives, tell them about the driver and the vehicle. Give as many details as possible and get the contact information of any witnesses. The authorities can track down the liable party, especially if they know the license plate number.

In the meantime, visit the hospital or a doctor’s office for a medical evaluation. File a claim with your insurance company afterward, especially if the police cannot find the motorist. Then, find a bicycle accident lawyer to assist you with the process.

How Much Do Your Bicycle Accident Attorneys Cost?

Most Florida bicycle accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. You do not have to worry about paying them upfront. Moreover, you do not have to pay any lawyer fees during the claims process. Payment usually occurs at the end when the attorney can land a settlement.

The contingency is a part of the settlement the lawyer takes. Usually, the amount is 33 percent of compensation. However, the fee can depend on the firm’s location and the case’s complexity. The amount can change if the lawyer uses a sliding scale for their contingency fee. Of course, separate additional legal costs may apply. You might have to pay filing fees regardless of the outcome.

Will Your Case Go to Trial?

Most bicycle collision claims manage to settle out of court. Both parties have an interest in agreeing on compensation. The injured person has more control over the outcome, and the other side can decide on the settlement amount. Only a small percentage of injury claims make it to trial.

Therefore, you should not feel concerned about standing before a judge. Nevertheless, a trial is still a possibility. Find a bicycle accident lawyer to help you. The attorney should have trial experience and be ready to represent you in court.

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