What Is Uninsured Motorists Coverage?

I'm often asked, "What is uninsured motorist coverage?" Uninsured motorist coverage is coverage that you pay premiums for to your own insurance company to protect you. Unfortunately, in Florida, we do not require that drivers have liability coverage. It's kind of the Wild West here. People can be driving around in their cars and run red lights or run a stop sign and hit you and hurt you or maybe even kill a loved one, and they're not required to have liability coverage. So it's important to buy uninsured motorist coverage.

And what that means is, is that if the bad guy who causes the accident doesn't have enough coverage to pay for your harms or losses, the uninsured motorist coverage will pay for their wrongdoing. So you've essentially purchased insurance to protect you against the at fault driver to pay even when they don't have coverage. That's extremely important.

By way of example, maybe they don't even have enough coverage. Maybe the at fault driver has a policy that has $10,000 of liability coverage, but if your damages are $100,000, that $10,000 doesn't help much. If you have uninsured motorist coverage of $100,000, once the $10,000 is paid, you have another $100,000 to protect you above that. I highly recommend it. Think about it. A lot of people that are running red lights or running stop signs were probably not responsible enough to get a good liability policy.


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