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Spinal cord trauma can be debilitating, and a person may lose complete sensation below the damaged site. Both initial and long-term care is expensive. Some people, however, can recover losses through a claim. If another individual or entity was negligent in causing your spinal cord injury, they may owe you compensation.

The Florida spinal cord injury attorneys at Holliday Karatinos Law Firm have the knowledge you need to pursue a claim for compensation. Our team has helped clients secure millions of dollars in settlements. We can meet with you to assess your case for viability.

Why Should You Choose Holliday Karatinos Law Firm for Your Spinal Cord Injury Case?

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Recovering from a spinal cord injury takes time and energy. Victims should not have to deal with the stress from insurance companies alone. A spinal cord injury law firm can help you navigate the claims process so you can focus on recovery.

Holliday Karatinos Law Firm has helped residents in Brooksville, Lutz, and Inverness with their injury cases. Our team has 50 years of combined experience and knows how to navigate the legal system. The National Trial Lawyers recognized our firm for our stellar commitment to our clients, and we will bring this same commitment to your case.

We are happy to review the details of your case during a free consultation. Contact us through our website or call us to get started.

How Spinal Cord Injuries Can Occur?

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A spinal cord injury can occur any time the spine receives enough force from the impact of an accident. The law might allow someone to get reimbursement for damage if another party caused the injury. You might have the right to compensation if another individual crashes into you on the road.

Motor vehicle collisions commonly cause of spinal cord injuries. Florida sees around 401,540 crashes annually. People usually file a claim with their insurers, but insurance policies have limits. Spinal cord injuries may incur medical expenses that go over those limits.

You could open a third-party claim with another’s insurer if the individual who caused the accident acted negligently. Seek the help of a Florida spinal cord injury attorney to establish liability.

Truck Accidents

You could have a valid spinal cord injury case if a truck accident causes your condition. Many drivers and passengers suffer significant injuries due to the commercial vehicle’s size and weight. Truck drivers are often the liable party in such cases.

Drowsy driving contributes to roughly 30 to 40 percent of truck collisions despite Hours of Service regulations. Distracted driving and weather conditions can play a role as well. Trucking companies and manufacturers, however, may be liable for permanent injuries.

A law firm can investigate the event to determine the cause and can hold the right party responsible for a spinal cord injury.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls can harm a person’s spine. A slip and fall on another individual’s property may result in a valid claim. People can sustain injuries if they trip down the stairs, but many incidents happen on the same level.

Wet or oily surfaces on the ground put visitors at risk of slipping. Grocery stores, malls, and other places have a responsibility to clean up messes. Property owners and managers must keep visitors safe. You likely have a valid claim for compensation if the other party failed to take appropriate action to keep their property safe.

A spinal cord injury can occur in a variety of ways. Our team is ready to hear your side of the story.

Proving Liability for Spinal Cord Injuries

You may have the right to obtain reimbursement from a driver, truck operator, property manager, or another negligent party. A legal claim, however, may feel like an uphill battle, and a settlement may be the right option for you. Seek the support of an attorney to ensure your rights are represented in any settlement negotiations. Don’t let your rightful compensation slip away.

Victims and their lawyers must provide proof that the opposing side was liable.

The requirements to show negligence are:

  • Duty of care. The at-fault party must have owed you a reasonable duty of care. Drivers should be careful around other vehicles and pedestrians. Individuals and organizations must keep the premises safe.
  • Breach. The next requirement is if the individual or entity violated the duty of care. The property owner did not remove a hazard in time, or the driver ran a red light.
  • Injuries. The negligent party’s action or inaction resulted in the accident. The traumatic event then caused a spinal cord injury.
  • Damages. The spinal cord injury caused multiple losses. Damages include the costs you incur as a result of the accident. Non-economic damages may count as well.

The injured party needs quality evidence to prove liability. Our Florida spinal cord injury lawyers can help you find the best course of action.

What Damages Can You Collect?

Spinal cord injury attorneys assess what damages victims can recover after they investigate. Not every case is the same, and different damages apply to each one.

A settlement may include losses like:

  • Medical bills. The negligent individual or entity pays for the immediate medical care you receive. Compensation can cover hospital stays and surgical procedures.
  • Rehabilitation costs. An attorney may include the expenses for physical therapy in the settlement calculations.
  • Long-term care. Spinal cord injuries can be permanent and cause life disruptions. You may be able to recover the expenses for future treatment.
  • Missing earnings. Victims usually miss days or weeks of work due to their injuries. They could claim future lost income if the accident diminished their ability to earn money.
  • Non-economic damages. People could recover money for the pain and suffering they endured after an accident. They may be eligible for other forms of emotional harm as well.

Keep copies of any accident-related bills you receive. You can give them to your spinal cord injury attorney for settlement calculations.

How to Build a Spinal Cord Injury Case?

The investigation into the accident occurs at the beginning of the claim process. A spinal cord injury attorney builds a case by collecting sufficient proof. One of the most crucial pieces of evidence is your medical records.

Records show the severity of the victim’s condition and the details of the treatment plan. The court can see any expensive surgeries you underwent and if you require long-term care. An attorney may use witnesses to strengthen a case as well.

Testimonies from witnesses support your argument that the other party caused the accident. Reach out to people who were at the accident early in the claim process. They are more likely to remember details early on. Lawyers generally question the individuals in depositions. Your witness can testify in court as well.

Expert witnesses also can be valuable for spinal cord injury cases. They provide their knowledge to add credibility to a claim. Lawyers know how to find an expert witness if they believe one is necessary.

Another piece of evidence an attorney might collect is visual proof. Someone may have taken photos of the accident scene, or a camera captured video of what happened. Our team knows what evidence can strengthen a spinal cord injury claim.

Florida Spinal Cord Injury Cases Have a Time Limit

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Victims must comply with Florida’s statute of limitations when pursuing reimbursement. The statute of limitations or deadline is four years and starts on the day the accident happened. A person should reach out to a law firm immediately after the accident to get the process started before time runs out.

Failure to take legal action before the statute of limitations expires can lead to the court dismissing your case. An individual loses their right to sue for compensation, even if the defendant’s liability is evident. An exception would be if you obtained an extension for the time limit.

The deadline may pause if the person responsible leaves the state before you can begin a lawsuit. Another possible exception is if you were under 18 during the accident. Our spinal cord injury lawyers have an in-depth understanding of Florida’s statute of limitations. You can ask us questions about the four-year time limit and learn what rules apply to your case.

Can You Hold the Government Liable for a Spinal Cord Injury?

The state and local governments do not have legal protections from accidents in specific cases. You could file a claim against a government body if an employee was negligent or acted wrongfully. An agency, for example, can be liable for a car accident. The employee must have been driving to fulfill a work obligation for such a claim to be valid.

A victim, however, could sustain a spinal cord injury due to government negligence without a worker present. The person might have been on government property when the incident occurred. You could hold the department liable if no one fixed the dangerous condition on time.

Cases against the government are different than ones involving private individuals. The negligent agency and the Florida Department of Financial Services must receive a written notice of claim. The injured party should submit the document no later than three years after the incident. Around 180 days must pass for an investigation before someone can file a lawsuit.

A spinal cord injury attorney with experience filing claims against government bodies can help you. Allow your lawyer to focus on complex legal matters while you concentrate on your recovery.

How Long Does a Spinal Cord Injury Take?

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A spinal cord injury case can take as little as a few months to resolve. A few lawsuits, however, may last over two years. The length of the legal process depends on multiple factors. The insurance company, for example, may attempt to delay the settlement.

The experience and skill of a law firm can contribute to how long a case takes. Our spinal cord injury attorneys can keep you updated on the progress of your lawsuit.

The type of accident may impact the length of a spinal cord injury case. One incident may have details another does not. A lawyer may approach a pedestrian or car collision differently than a slip and fall incident.

The area of spinal cord trauma and its severity can influence how long the process lasts. Some people wait until they reach a stable condition before their lawyers negotiate settlements. This period allows them to learn how their spinal cord injuries may lead to current and future damages.

The defendant might delay the progress of a case by not filing the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. The other side also might try to have the court dismiss the case. Some defendants make settlement talks difficult, so a lawyer with negotiation skills is crucial.

Should You Accept a Quick Settlement?

The legal process can be slow, and victims have bills piling up in the meantime. A quick settlement can seem preferable to waiting for a successful negotiation. However, first offers are usually well-below the value of your claim. The insurance company may use a quick settlement as a manipulative tactic. Insurers generally want to limit how much they pay claimants following significant accidents. Contact an attorney if you receive an offer soon after an accident.

You might not get the funds you need to cover the incident-related losses. You can reject the offer and find a lawyer at Holliday Karatinos Law Firm.

Should You Find a Lawyer With Trial Experience?

A small percentage of spinal cord injury cases proceed to the trial stage. Both sides present their argument and provide evidence to the judge. Witnesses testify, and lawyers from each party conduct cross-examinations. A jury also may be present to determine if the defendant is guilty of negligence.

Trials can be difficult, and the defendant’s lawyer may use aggressive tactics. You should find a spinal cord injury attorney who has trial experience. A lawyer has an understanding of courtroom procedures and can represent you, matching the defense’s assertiveness.

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