What to do When the Insurance Company is Arguing About my Injuries

What to do When the Insurance Company is Arguing About my Injuries

In every case, the insurance adjuster will likely argue about the nature and extent of your injuries. That's in the playbook for the insurance company. They have certain arguments they make in every case across the board. Usually, they'll hire a radiologist to look at your x-rays or your MRIs and the defense playbook is to say, "All of these conditions look to me like they preexisted the accident," meaning it's a long-standing, chronic, degenerative condition and we simply don't see any objective evidence of injury. And that's to be expected in every case, and so you need to hire a lawyer that is well aware of this and will head that issue off at the pass by basically meeting with your own treating doctors to find out what the objective evidence is that we can show, and to go out and hire forensic experts to demonstrate what those films show and why it's helpful to indicate that it was an acute injury.
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