How Does an Intentional Tort Differ From Negligence?

How Does an Intentional Tort Differ From Negligence?

How does an intentional tort differ from negligence?

In the field of personal injury, different types of torts are involved. Now, a tort is a cause of action for harm and sometimes it's an intentional tort, meaning that the bad actor did it on purpose. Other times, there's a negligence cause of action, meaning that the bad actor simply didn't use reasonable care that other people would use under like circumstances.

An intentional tort differs from negligence in several respects. An intentional tort is usually something like an assault or a battery. Oftentimes, there is no insurance coverage for an intentional tort. For negligence cases, there often is insurance coverage that would provide protection for those that are harmed through the negligence. Here at Holliday Karatinos, our Florida personal injury attorneys handle cases for both intentional torts and negligence. If you think you have a case, please come in and we'd be glad to talk with you and figure out if you have a case together.

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