What to do when I slip and fall in a store?

What to do when I slip and fall in a store?
What to do when I slip and fall in a store? In Florida, when someone slips and falls in a store, it's very important to take certain measures right away to preserve vitally important evidence at the scene. Right after you fall, you want to call a lawyer that handles slip-and-fall cases, because the lawyers can reach out and try to get copies of the surveillance videotape showing the fall happen. That has to be preserved right away, otherwise the business or the store will destroy that evidence and it will be lost forever. Use your smartphone, take a photograph right away of the dangerous condition you slipped on. If there are other customers in the area, please reach out to them and ask for help. Get their name and their phone number because that will allow us, here at Holliday Karatinos, to have our investigators go out and get recorded statements, to lock down everything that happened that day. If you think you have a case, please call me and I'll be glad to sit down and talk with you to see if we have a case together.
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