Strange Personal Injury Claims Throughout History

Strange Personal Injury Claims Throughout History There is a legal saying that goes “Anyone can sue for anything.” These people took that expression a little too literally.

Strange Injury Lawsuits Throughout History

Here are some of the funny lawsuits and most interesting personal injury cases real people have filed:

$67 Million for Lost Pants

A man took his expensive pants to a dry cleaner. The owners accidentally sent the pants to the wrong dry cleaning shop. The cleaner had a “satisfaction guaranteed” sign displayed in the store. When the cleaners refused to settle the claim for more than $1,000, the man sued them for $67 million. What makes this one of the worst personal injury lawsuits of all times is that the man was a D.C. lawyer and judge. He was ultimately brought before the D.C. Board of Professional Responsibility years later to address his behavior in the case. He was suspended from practicing law for 90 days.

Weatherman Sued for Being Wrong

A woman sued an Israeli television station because the weatherman did not correctly predict the weather. Instead of the good weather he predicted, it rained. The plaintiff alleged that she did not dress appropriately because of the inaccurate weather report, leading to her getting the flu. She sued for $1,000 for time she missed from work, medication, and stress. The station settled the claim for $1,000.

Man Massacred by Killer Whale

A man stayed in the park at Sea World after closing time to fulfill his dream of swimming beside a killer whale. Shortly after entering the tank, the whale killed the man. The man’s parents sued Sea World, alleging that it did not warn the public that killer whales can kill people and that the park presented killer whales as friendly creatures by selling stuffed whales in their gift shops. They ultimately dropped the case. Shortly later, the same whale killed a trainer at the park.

Haunted House Causes Psychological Trauma

A woman sued Universal Studios after visiting one of their Haunted House of Horrors locations and alleged that she suffered psychological trauma. The court dismissed her claim saying that psychological trauma can be expected when visiting a venue of this nature.

Explosive Toilets

The Flushmate III toilet proved explosive for many consumers, prompting a recall of 1.4 million pressure-assisted flushing systems. The company received seven reports of exploding toilets. 1,500 systems burst in toilet tanks. The defective toilets caused $710,000 in damage and 23 injuries, one of which was so severe it caused a consumer to need foot surgery. The events led to legal teams obtaining $5 million in damages for consumers.

Emotional Distress for Looking Like Legendary Basketball Star

A man who is eight years older, 30 pounds lighter, and six inches shorter than the legendary basketball star Michael Jordan sued Jordan and Nike, alleging that they ruined his life by making Jordan so well-known. The man alleged that he had no peace of mind for 15 years and suffered emotional distress because strangers would constantly comment on the alleged resemblance. He sued for $832 million but ultimately dropped the case.

Not the Secret Victoria Promised

In another strange lawsuit, a woman was trying on a pair of panties in a Victoria’s Secret changing room when a metal piece that was holding a rhinestone heart in place suddenly flew off, striking the woman in the eye. The woman sued the company after suffering a cornea injury.

Mauled Hunter Sues After Being Hunted

A person who was on an African big game hunting safari wound up becoming prey when the bullet he fired at a lion did not deter him from mauling the hunter. What makes this a particularly interesting personal injury case is that the hunter did not sue the safari company. Instead, he sued the ammunition manufacturer when its bullet was not enough to prevent the determined lion from attacking the hunter. Nonetheless, the federal court dismissed the case.

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