Can Technology in Cars Sense a Drunk Driver?

Can Technology in Cars Sense a Drunk Driver? After being struck by a drunk driver, a U.S. Senator is proposing new legislation to install drunk driving sensors in vehicles that can sense if a driver has been drinking and to get them off the road. If passed, this initiative would require crash avoidance technology to be installed in all newly-manufactured vehicles.

What Kind of Crash Avoidance Technology Currently Exists?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration researches advanced technologies and their potential safety benefits for consumers such as:

Backup cameras

Backup cameras show the area immediately behind a vehicle to help drivers back up safely and avoid colliding with pedestrians or other vehicles.

Forward collision warning systems

These systems monitor various factors to warn of an impending crash, such as the vehicle’s speed, the speed of the vehicle in front of it, and the distance between the two vehicles.

Lane departure warning system

This type of system alerts drivers or automatically moves a vehicle if it drifts out of its lane.

Pedestrian detection system

Pedestrian detection systems use sensors to identify the movement of humans on the road, including pedestrians and cyclists, to help drivers notice them and avoid hitting them.

Automatic braking system

An automatic braking system automatically activates a vehicle’s brakes when it senses an oncoming object.

How to Prevent Drunk Driving

The best way to prevent drunk driving is not to drink after having any alcohol whatsoever. Evidently, people are not following this simple advice. The Centers for Disease Control attributes about 10,000 deaths every year to drunk driving, which accounts for more than a quarter of fatal traffic accidents each year. Because of the public health risk involved in this issue, Senator Ben Ray Lujan recently proposed installing DWI technology in all new vehicles. The senator says that there are currently 200 different types of technology that presently exist that can help avoid crashes or get drunk drivers off the road. The proposed bill, called the Ride Act, would require the Department of Transportation and National Highway Institute to identify available technologies that can detect drunk driving and test them. If they are effective, auto manufacturers would have to install them in all new vehicles. The Ride Act passed the commerce committee and might be presented before the entire senate this session.

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