How Do You Treat Road Rash from A Motorcycle Accident?

How Do You Treat Road Rash from A Motorcycle Accident?

Dealing with road rash following a motorcycle accident can be a painful and distressing experience. It’s essential to prioritize immediate care and seek medical attention to mitigate potential complications. If you’ve sustained road rash injuries in a Florida motorcycle accident, consulting a seasoned Florida motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial. They can guide you through the legal aspects while ensuring you receive proper medical treatment and fair compensation for your injuries. Treating road rash involves thorough cleaning, bandaging, and sometimes, skin grafts or specialized wound care. However, seeking legal counsel promptly can help safeguard your rights and alleviate the stress of navigating the aftermath of a motorcycle accident.

There are generally three types of road rash injuries and they're classified much like burn injuries are. There's first degree, second degree, and third degree. A first-degree road rash looks like a carpet burn and it doesn't really break the skin. The 2nd-degree road rash will have breakage of the outer skin and can lead to permanent scarring. A third-degree road rash requires immediate medical attention. It is serious damage to the outer and inner layers of the skin and there will need to be urgent medical care because it will likely become infected and lead to scarring. Here at Holliday Karatinos, we handle motorcycle accident cases for our clients. Our Florida personal injury lawyers will be glad to meet with you. Please come in and we'll sit down and talk and figure out together if we have a case.

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