What is causing my back pain?

What is causing my back pain?
A lot of times people will have low back pain that will radiate into their buttocks, or maybe even to the hips or upper thighs. And there are lots of different mechanical reasons that can be causing that pain. Oftentimes, back pain is caused by injuries to the disc or the joints in the back, but oftentimes the overlooked cause of that lower back pain is something called a sacroiliac joint, or SI joint. And that's the joint where the hip or pelvis meets the spinal column. And that joint becomes loose, and it causes all kinds of pain to the surrounding structures. Usually, people think, right off the bat, that it's a herniated disc injury. There's only one real test that can diagnose what the cause is, and that is an SI joint injection. If that relieves the pain, then that tells you right off the bat what the cause of the pain is, and you know how to move forward in your medical care. So if you're struggling with chronic back pain following an accident, it's very important to get with a lawyer that can help guide you and get you into the hands of competent, caring doctors who can help solve your problem.
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