What is Driver Inattention?

What is Driver Inattention? We often see cases that involve driver inattention, and that could really mean a lot of different things. Someone running a stop sign and eating burritos, being - playing on their cell phone, putting on makeup. We see it all. So driver inattention is a big problem in the State of Florida. It's actually been proven that it's worse than drunk driving because if you don't have your hands on the wheel or you're not looking where you're going, you're not gonna be able to swerve or break or do anything to minimize the impact. So driver fatigue basically means that someone's been driving a car for too long and they've not had enough rest. If you're fatigued, you don't have the ability to break when you need to break or swerve or take any kind of defensive action, and it leads to very bad accidents.
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