Where Do Accidents Happen Near Brooksville?

Where Do Accidents Happen Near Brooksville? Where do accidents happen near Brooksville? According to data gathered by the Florida Department of Transportation, most accidents in Brooksville occur along SR 41 or Broad Street, and SR 96, or Jefferson Street. The intersections of North Jefferson Street with Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Broad Street with Cortez Boulevard are also common crash sites. For more information, reach out to a Brooksville car accident lawyer. Hernando County is the site of over 2,000 crashes and injuries each year. If you were involved in a Hernando County accident, especially at one of these busy intersections, you are not alone. Our law firm is conveniently on Cortez Boulevard, at the corner of SR 589 and SR 50. We’re right at the heart of accident sites in Brooksville, Florida, so that we can help victims like you as conveniently and quickly as possible.

Work With Holliday Karatinos Law Firm Our team at Holliday Karatinos Law Firm holds over six decades of combined legal experience in Florida law. We have worked within our communities in Brooksville, Lutz, and Inverness for years to pursue justice for our neighbors suffering from common car accident injuries. We know how difficult and painful it is to deal with the fallout of a car accident, whether that’s simply recovering from injuries or whether it comes with severe personal and financial consequences. We hate injustice as much as you do, which is why we have dedicated the last several decades of our lives to pursuing justice for car accident victims like you. Over the years, we have gathered a deep understanding of Florida’s statutes to provide our clients with incredible service and help them file and argue successful claims. Our clients know that working with us means that they will get real results. Over the last several decades, we have earned millions of dollars back for our clients who lost so much due to accidents that weren’t their fault. Our team dives deep into the legal details and listens carefully to every word our clients say to ensure we provide only top-notch services for every client. If you’ve been in a car accident in Florida and are dealing with the severe fallout of these common car accident injuries, please don’t try to go through this challenging time alone. We are here to help you pursue justice and true healing through the legal system in Florida. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Holliday and Karatinos Law Firm today for a free consultation so we can get started on your claim. Give us a call at (352) 290-7481.
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