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Navigating Florida: Avoid Delays

The Florida NavMap allows Floridians to view traffic conditions and the locations of crashes in your region or elsewhere in the state in real time. Wherever you are in Florida, you can use the interactive features on the NavMap website to view current traffic information and alert others about crashes and traffic jams so they can take an alternate route. The purpose of the Florida NavMap is to help drivers in Florida make informed driving decisions and improve local traffic safety. Click on the Florida map to zoom in and find more detail about local roads and traffic conditions. The interactive map displays traffic flow conditions in coded colors to indicate if traffic is moving smoothly (green), congested (yellow) or at a standstill (red).

Car accidents can happen on any road or highway. But Florida has some of the nation’s busiest and most dangerous roads including U.S. 41 in Tampa, U.S. 1 which extends more than 500 miles along Florida’s east coast, U.S. 27 which runs from Tallahassee to South Florida and U.S. 441 from Miami to Lake City. A serious crash can cause lengthy delays. Users of the Florida NavMap can share traffic information with fellow travelers through Facebook comments. Join the conversation about Florida traffic conditions, and drive safely!