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16 Aug 2019

How can my back be injured in a personal injury accident?

by James Holliday, posted in Personal Injury


A person’s back can be injured in a car crash in many different ways. Sometimes, when the crash is unfolding, the driver will have their foot fully extended, and when there’s an impact, there is a bolt of pain that shoots up the leg and it jams up into the hip girdle, and that can cause what’s known as a sacroiliac joint injury or, in layman’s terms, an SI joint injury where the area where the pelvis and the spinal cord meet, that it causes some separation there, and it becomes permanently loose. That continually causes back pain and hip pain. If you’re having chronic back pain, it could be from a herniated disc that’s actually touching the spinal cord itself. It needs to be diagnosed quickly because if you’re in another accident, it can actually result in quadriplegia or paraplegia, so if you’re having serious pain, it’s very important to get checked out by a qualified doctor.

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