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22 Aug 2016

What Kind of Injuries Can Be Sustained in a Car Accident?

by James Holliday, posted in Drunk Driving Accident, Florida Auto Accident, Florida Vehicle Accidents, Hit and Run Accidents, Truck Accident Blog

So there are all types of different injuries that can be suffered or sustained in a car accident. A lot of what we see are spine injuries and there all types of different injuries that can occur in the spine. We also have, just like any other part of the body, we have joints in our neck and back. We also have ligaments and tendons that can be stretched or torn.

One of the most common defenses that we hear from defense lawyers is that the plaintiff or my client had a preexisting condition. Well, the law basically says that if someone has this preexisting condition they’re vulnerable to being hurt in an accident. Just because you have a prior condition doesn’t mean you have a bubble around you that protects you; if anything, it makes you more likely to be hurt, and we can prove, through science and through medical testimony, that if you have a preexisting condition, like degenerative disk disease, all that really means is that you’re someone vulnerable that could be injured worse. You’re still allowed to drive on the road and if someone hits you and they make your condition worse, they’re responsible for it.

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