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7 Nov 2016

What Tests Can Be Done to Diagnose Brain Injury?

by James Holliday, posted in Brain Injury, Personal Injuries in the News

One of the things that I always look into when I represent someone is did they suffer a closed head injury or a brain injury? Often times my client may not even realize that they have a brain injury or a closed head injury. And so I talk to their loved ones, I talk to their family, their spouse, their children about whether they’ve noticed any changes in their personality or their memory and those type of things.

There are several tests that can be done to determine whether there is a brain injury from an accident: MRIs can be done, something called a SPECT scan can be done, which actually looks not just at the soft tissue like an MRI does but a SPECT scan will look at the profusion of the blood in the brain and see if there is an abnormality in that that would show problems with processing. We have brain scans that can be done, that there is a new company out there called CereScan that actually can take these SPECT scans and make them into a 3D model. Peer reviewed literature is now showing that they can actually document or pinpoint is this a traumatic brain injury, or is this a problem from depression or even ADD. So we’re getting to the level now where we can pinpoint why the brain injury happened and where it’s located in the brain that will explain the problems that folks are having.

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