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21 Dec 2018

What accidents are causes of the road?

by James Holliday, posted in Florida Auto Accident, Florida Vehicle Accidents, Uncategorized

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Sometimes bad roads themselves are a cause or a contributing factor to the cause of a violent wreck out on the road. I have seen in my practice many times where a car will be driving down the road and will go off the shoulder and it has an excessive drop-off that is dangerous to everyone out on the road. The driver freaks out a bit and tries to come back on.

There is some resistance to that wheel coming back up on the ledge and they over-correct or the drop-off makes the cars veer into oncoming traffic that causes a big head-on collision, seriously hurting people.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident or a car comes across and hits you head on, please give me a call because that’s something that should also be investigated as a contributing cause of the accident.

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