Retail Store Liability in Florida

Florida Retail store liabilityFlorida Retail store liability

Representing Spring Hill Victims Injured in Retail Stores

Retail stores must keep their premises safe for shoppers. At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC, we offer legal counseling and representation to individuals who were injured on the property of others, including retail stores. Our  Florida premises liability lawyers  are experienced in handling claims against retail stores. We have over 50 years of combined legal practice, and can provide you with the advocacy you need to hold a retail store accountable for your injuries.

Dangers in a Florida Retail Store

This state is filled with urban centers and shopping malls that are home to retail stores. Shoppers expect a safe environment in which to shop, but defective conditions on the property often threaten their safety. Numerous conditions in a retail store can cause injuries to a shopper, including:

Property and store owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe and free of any potential dangers. If a shopper is hurt in the store, he or she may have a claim against the property or store owner for his or her injuries.

Holding Store Owners Accountable

All property owners and possessors must use reasonable care to keep their premises safe for people lawfully on them. The degree of care required from a property owner depends on the type of visitor to the property. There are three main types:

  • Invitee: a person invited onto the property for a business or public purpose (a shopper at a retail store).
  • Licensee: a person on the property for a social purpose (a guest in a home).
  • Trespasser: a person not invited onto the property (generally not owed a duty of care, unless the trespasser is a child).

Since shoppers are invitees, store owners owe them the highest possible duty of care. Store owners must maintain their property in reasonably safe conditions and warn of any potentially dangerous conditions or defects on the property. If a store owner fails to use adequate care, it can be held liable for injuries to a shopper. The injured person must prove that the owner’s breach caused his or her injuries and damages.

Security on the Property

A store owner’s duty of care includes protecting shoppers from third-party injuries, such as reasonably foreseeable and preventable crimes. Otherwise, the store owner may be liable for its negligent security. In the case of convenience stores, the owner must implement security measures during the overnight hours to protect shoppers and employees from crimes. Florida law gives the owners of these stores the benefit of the doubt when crimes are committed on their properties, provided that they have used certain security measures. These include security camera installations and specific lighting requirements for parking lots.

Dropped or Spilled Objects

In retail stores, items that are dropped or spilled can cause a shopper to slip and fall. The injured person then must prove that the store owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. The condition must have been there long enough that the store owner would have known about the condition and taken steps to fix it.


You have the right to seek damages from the retail property owner who caused your injuries. You may get compensation for your medical and hospital bills, lost wages, and more. If a family member suffered a fatal injury, you can initiate a claim for wrongful death and potentially recover for your relative’s medical costs, funeral bills, and loss of consortium. Florida requires that you file your personal injury claim within four years from the date the accident occurred, or two years for a wrongful death claim.

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