Penetrating Brain Injuries

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Brain injuries can be debilitating, but modern medical science has improved the prognosis of those afflicted with these serious types of harm. These treatments, however, can be costly. The brain injury lawyers at Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC can help residents of North Tampa and the surrounding communities who have been hurt because of the carelessness or wrongdoing of another person. You may have a right to seek compensation to reimburse you for medical bills, lost wages, and other costs of an accident.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable for Penetrating Brain Injuries

A penetrating brain injury occurs when a foreign object breaches a person’s skull. The resulting trauma can affect large regions of the brain or just the area around the penetration. Despite the serious nature of such an injury, the causes may vary greatly. When a person falls, for example, it is not uncommon for a piece of the skull to break and penetrate the brain. Furthermore, athletes and those involved in car accidents are also at risk for incurring a penetrating brain injury.

Sometimes these types of harm could not have been avoided. Other times, they are the result of a person or company failing to comply with a duty imposed by law. In these instances, the victim may have legal recourse.

For example, a person hurt in a fall caused by uneven pavement or a spilled drink in a restaurant may have a valid premises liability claim against a property owner. In most cases, restaurant patrons are owed the highest duty of care imposed by Florida premises liability law. This means that restaurant owners and other property owners that invite the public on the premises for business purposes must not only keep the grounds free from conditions that could pose a hazard to visitors, but they also must make regular inspections to seek out possible dangers.

A person who proves a successful case against a careless property owner or other negligent entity is entitled to two types of compensation from the liable entity. First, there may be money to reimburse the victim for the expenses associated with his or her physical and other injuries. Included in this category are costs such as medical expenses, lost wages, and other calculable expenditures. The other type of damages is called “non-economic” damages because they are not based on some easily found number. They may include physical pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional distress. The amount of these damages is determined by the jury after hearing evidence from both sides.

In the event that a person dies from a penetrating brain injury, the family of the decedent can file a wrongful death claim. After proving the underlying negligence, premises liability, or other claim, the family of the decedent can potentially collect special damages available to wrongful death plaintiffs.

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