Boating Accidents

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In Florida, we get tourists from all over the country. These tourists often have little or no training in operating boats. Therefore, our firm sees a lot of boating accidents in Florida. One of the big challenges is not always proving liability, but it's in locating and verifying insurance coverage to help the people that have been harmed.

For example, I had a case recently where some men went out on a boat with no training. They had just recently purchased the boat and the operator drove straight into a wave, causing the boat to rise up and then crash down the wave. And the young man up front reached up and when he braced on the front of the boat, both arms broke with the bones sticking out, and his head hit the front of the boat. And when he came up, all of his teeth were on the boat like little Chiclets. It wasn't proving liability in that case. It was locating and verifying the insurance coverage to help him get the treatment that he needed for those losses.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a boating accident, please give me a call. The call's free and I'll spend the time with you and your family to answer all of your questions. And together we'll figure out whether or not you have a boat accident case.


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