Can You Sue a Pharmacy for Negligence? 

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Recent studies have shown that pharmaceutical errors are on the rise. In Florida, pharmacists are treated as professionals, and they have a responsibility, really, an obligation to monitor the medication that's being prescribed to the patients. Pharmaceutical errors happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, the pharmacist fills the wrong prescription that was ordered by the doctor. Sometimes, they give the wrong instructions on how to take the medicine. And other times, the pharmacist fails to tell the patient how two different drugs interact with one another causing serious harm to the patient, and it's a problem that's happening across the state.

If you think that you've had a pharmaceutical injury, please come in and sit down and meet with me. I'd like to discuss it with you. It's a very important issue to be dealt with right away. If you think you have a case, please come in, and we'd be glad to talk with you and figure out if you have a case together.


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