How Does Floridas No-Fault Insurance Work?

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I'm frequently asked about, what is Florida's no-fault insurance and how does it work. So, Florida is one of a handful of states that still has no-fault insurance. And what that means is, regardless of who's at fault for actually causing the accident, Florida has no-fault, or what's really called personal injury protection, or PIP, up to $10,000, that you pay premiums to your own insurance company for and they will pay for your own medical care after the accident, regardless of who's at fault. So, if you rear-end somebody, you have $10,000 of coverage for your own injuries that are required to be paid out before any health insurance or any other forms of coverage would pay.

One thing that's extremely important in Florida is this 14-day window. The insurance lobby got passed a bill that says, if you do not seek medical care or treatment within 14 days of the accident, then all the money that you paid in premiums to that insurance company is of no benefit to you. It evaporates. So, I highly recommend, if you're involved in an accident, please protect yourself for your own health and safety by getting checked out, and to preserve the coverage that you've paid money for to the insurance company, probably for years.


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