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Jim: Growing up, even on the playground, I never liked to see the bully push the little kid around. I would always meet the bully after school, that's just who I am. I've chosen the profession of helping injured people because there's nothing more rewarding than to be able to help someone at a time in their life when they need hope and they need to believe that their future will be brighter, and to be able to deliver that to them the best way possible.

Client 1: When I first fell, I was afraid I was paralyzed. It was really scary. I was alone, it was dark. It's something that was really hard for me but I wouldn't have wanted to go through with anyone else.

Jim: They take on these large corporations, one on one, and I wanna be in that boat with them and fight every step of the way.

Client 2: We just had a wonderful experience with Jim, you know. He was so open and honest, and I could see he was aggressive, which I like as a lawyer, and very precise about everything.

Jim: I look at all the evidence and I thoroughly go through it to say how would the bad guys try to escape responsibility and I close all those doors. I just go through the house and I shut every door or every loophole that they can have.

Client 1: Jim told me he was gonna help me, and he did.

Jim: No amount of money can ever make things perfect again, but my job is to do the best I can to help them piece their lives back together and to get them as close as possible to where they were before.


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