How Much Is A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Worth Video Transcript

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When we look to see what the value is of a particular wrongful death claim, no two claims are the same ever because everyone's relationship is unique. The law does not provide for a statue that tells us how to calculate it. It's not like a price tag in a grocery store.

These are very personal losses. And so the only way you can develop the damages is to meet with people who know and love the family and get stories to really connect on a human level what the loss is.

We can hire economists talk about things like net accumulation, what the loved one would have earned over the course of their lifetime to build up the value of the case, but the real value in these cases comes when we touch on the pain and suffering that's involved. And, really, the only way to do that is to spend a lot of time with the family and with people who loved them and with professionals that are helping with counseling.


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