Premises Inadequate Security

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One area of premise liability that our firm focuses on is inadequate security. Inadequate security often deals with cases where a hotel, apartment complex, or some other commercial property owner is located in a high-crime area and they fail to keep track of the keys to the units or they fail to provide enough security to adequately protect people that visit the property. Our firm handles these cases and investigates them right away, where people had been raped or brutalized by bad people, that they should have been protected from.

I had the privilege and honor of representing a young lady who was attacked at her own apartment complex because the apartment owner allowed the key to the laundry room to fall into the wrong hands of a bad person. Due to lack of key management, they allowed a known criminal, who worked on property, to get access to that key. And he attacked her and raped her. Due to our investigation and thorough preparation, we were able to show that the owner of this apartment complex knew and should have known of the violent background of the bad person and, that they should have been able to keep track and control of those keys. Due to our efforts, she was able to secure a very good result that took care of her emotional and medical problems resulting from that loss.

If you have been harmed or have a loved one that has been hurt due to inadequate security, please give me a call. The call's free and I will spend the time with you answering all of your questions. And together, we will figure out whether or not you have a case.


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