Tree Accident Video Transcript

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Our firm is the premier tree injury litigation firm in the entire country. My partner, Ted Karatinos, who's a professor at Stetson College of Law, gives seminars to industry professionals on how to keep people safe.

So, what is tree injury litigation? It often involves a tree falling due to negligent staking or bracing of that tree, or the owner allowing that tree to remain in a diseased condition without providing care to it. Or, it can be line of sight, where the owner of the tree fails to maintain the tree and allows the tree to overgrow into a driver's line of sight. The driver cannot see oncoming traffic. Boom, there's a big hit, and it's because the owner failed to take care of this tree.

We've had great success in litigating in these cases from all over. If you or a loved one, or even if you're an attorney who has a client who's been harmed by a falling tree, please give us a call. I will spend all the time necessary to answer all of your questions, and together, we will figure out whether you have a falling tree case.


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