Truck Accident Information

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Trucking accidents are not handled like a simple car accident. You need a lawyer that understands the federal regulations and has the contacts in the industry to get out and download the very important black box data and to send out letters telling the trucking company to preserve certain important evidence, like the driver's log book. That trucker may very well have been driving too many hours without taking a break, putting your life at risk.

I recently had a client come into my office who was involved in a very bad trucking accident, had severe injuries, and wasn't getting the proper medical care, and the case had not been worked up properly. He had a small offer that actually he was advised to take by his prior lawyer. We took the case, got the right accident reconstructionist involved to prove how the trucking company was at fault for the accident. Got the right medical doctors involved to document what his future medical needs were actually gonna be. And we ended up resolving the case for 80 times what his prior offer was.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, please give me a call. I'll spend the time answering all your questions, and we will figure out whether or not you have a case.


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