Study Finds About Half of Truckers Are At Risk For Sleep Apnea

Study Finds About Half of Truckers Are At Risk For Sleep Apnea According to a recent study conducted by researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, almost 49% of the 20,000 commercial truck drivers who participated were at risk of obstructive sleep apnea. This dangerous condition is characterized by blockage or a repetitive collapsing of a person’s airway for ten seconds or longer while asleep. Because the individual is not getting enough oxygen and will have high concentrations of carbon monoxide in their blood, they may gasp for air and experience fitful sleep. This condition could easily lead individuals to be extremely fatigued, which is particularly dangerous for those who operate commercial vehicles for a living. 

Sleep Apnea and Truck Driving

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that can impair people's sleep quality. Sleep apnea can have a wide range of causes from family history and excess weight to other medical conditions. When someone suffers from sleep apnea, it can leave them fatigued and exhausted while they're awake. Driver sleep apnea may be a significant problem for the trucking industry. A recent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute looked into it and found that nearly 49% of truck drivers could be at risk for the condition, a substantially higher proportion than previous studies have shown. Drivers who suffer from sleep apnea could have trouble focusing and performing on the road, potentially leading to truck crashes. 

What Is the STOP-Bang Method?

The STOP-Bang method is a questionnaire that looks at common sleep apnea factors. These include snoring during sleep, tiredness during the workday, observed apnea, high blood pressure, body mass index, age of the individual, their neck circumference, and the individual's gender. If someone has three or more of these indicators, then it means they may be at risk for sleep apnea. 

Liability for Truck Wrecks Related to Fatigue

Truck driving is a demanding profession that requires careful attention and quick reaction times. Under federal law, drivers must get a certain number of hours of rest between shifts and they must regularly take breaks. But if drivers have sleep apnea, then they may not be getting the rest and recuperation they need. Without adequate rest, drivers could cause serious accidents and be found liable for any injuries they cause. 

How a Lutz Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help 

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