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Car or truck accidents, an accident involving a drunk driver, a slip and fall accident, and other premise liability accidents can all be reasons why someone suffers a catastrophic injury.

Catastrophic injuries often mean a victim’s life and lifestyle change dramatically after an accident. Call our Tampa catastrophic injury lawyers at Holliday Karatinos Law Firm at (813) 868-1887 immediately and find out what legal options may be available to help hold the responsible parties accountable for their action or lack of action.

Why Choose Holliday Karatinos Law Firm

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At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we have experience helping catastrophic injury victims get the compensation they deserve and need to help them move their lives forward. We have experience handling a variety of accident cases. In less than a decade, we secured more than $125,000,000 in settlements for our clients. Let us see if we can help you get the compensation you need to maintain your financial independence after a catastrophic injury.

With more than six decades of combined legal experience, we offer the best of both worlds. We are small enough to keep our services personalized while having the financial capacity to take on the biggest insurance companies to ensure our clients are compensated fairly for their injuries.

Potential Compensation Following A Catastrophic Injury

While every injury case is different, some basic types of compensation are available to those who suffer a catastrophic injury in any type of accident.

Some of these include:

  • Medical bill reimbursement. The out-of-pocket medical expenses can overwhelm a family. When an accident victim’s injuries require multiple medical teams, the bills can quickly get out of hand. Combine that with the potential of long-term care, rehabilitation therapy, and medical devices, and costs quickly spiral out of control. Victims of a Tampa catastrophic injury can seek compensation for all out-of-pocket medical costs. The settlement demand could include both immediate and future medical costs of an injury.
  • Wage and benefit losses. When someone is out of work for a short time recovering from an accident, they suffer a loss of wages. However, when someone suffers a catastrophic injury, they may never be able to earn as much as they did before their injury. This impacts their overall financial stability not only right after an accident but for the future. Our goal will be to hold the responsible party financially accountable for the wages and benefits lost immediately and in the future.
  • Non-financial losses. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and burns- psychologically impact victims and their families. These types of injuries can cause undue pain and suffering, anxiety, and an overall loss of enjoyment of everyday life. While no amount of money can compensate someone for this type of pain, we can seek compensation on a victim’s behalf.

There may be other areas of compensation available to catastrophic injury victims. Since each case is unique, contact Holliday Karatinos Law Firm at (813) 868-1887 to discuss the specific circumstances of an accident to better understand what compensation may be available.

Locations Where Catastrophic Injuries Occur In Tampa

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Unfortunately, some areas in Tampa are dangerous for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and those simply seeking an afternoon of fun with their families.

According to Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, there are roadways in Tampa with a history of being dangerous. These include U.S. 92 at I 275, SR 582 at 30th Street, and U.S. 92 at Cherokee Avenue. Between these three intersections, nearly 1,500 accidents in one recent year resulted in injuries to bicycle operators and pedestrians and those who suffered an injury in their car.

While the Tampa area is a great place to live and work, it is also an area where they take recreation seriously. Playgrounds, aquatic programs, museums, and other recreational facilities are attractive areas to spend time with friends and family. They are also potentially dangerous if not properly maintained or staffed.

What Types of Tampa Accidents Result In Catastrophic Injuries?

Tampa Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

There are countless ways someone can suffer a catastrophic injury. Someone could be out celebrating a birthday and be involved in a car accident on their way home. An adult could enjoy a swim after work and suffer a leg cramp, and a lifeguard fails to notice them. Someone could suffer an injury on the job because another person failed to exercise sound judgment. Someone could suffer a serious brain injury because of poor lighting in a parking garage.

Here is some information on various accidents and how they can occur:

  • Car accidents. More than 12,000 car accidents across Hillsborough County resulted in an injury. Someone injured in a car accident can seek compensation if the injury meets certain criteria. In the case of accidents resulting in burns, brain injuries, or other catastrophic injuries, a car accident lawyer can help victims recover their financial losses.
  • Workplace accidents. According to Florida Health, more than 500,000 workers suffered injuries. While we do not have counts differentiating which of these injuries was catastrophic, page six of the report does show that more than 46,000 workplace injuries were considered traumatic. A further look at the data shows more than 7,500 victims hospitalized due to a workplace accident.
  • Slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents can occur anyplace in Tampa, including grocery stores, shopping centers, and office buildings. A fall down a flight of stairs can result in a catastrophic injury.
  • Sport and recreational activity accidents. There are more than 50 parks in the Tampa area. Poorly-maintained equipment on these playgrounds can put children and adults at risk. Injuries can include head and back injuries, loss of a finger because of sharp edges on equipment, or broken bones. Victims deserve better, and Holliday Karatinos Law Firm can help victims and their families hold the responsible parties accountable.

As you can see, there are hazards everywhere. While not all accidents are preventable, there are instances where injuries could have been avoided had the parties in charge been more diligent in ensuring the safety of others.

Not every injury is considered catastrophic.

However, the following types of injuries suffered in a Tampa accident are considered catastrophic:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Amputation of limbs or digits
  • Multiple bone fractures
  • Internal organ damage

None of us ever leaves our home and anticipates that before the end of the day, we will be in the hospital suffering any type of injury. However, this happens more frequently than we think. When you or someone you love suffers these types of injuries, regardless of the cause, Holliday Karatinos Law Firm is here to help.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Catastrophic Injury

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Never expect an insurance company to play fair. Whether an accident victim is filing a claim with their insurer because they were involved in a car accident and are filing a personal injury protection (PIP) claim, or someone injured at work, insurers fight back.

Insurers make money when policyholders pay premiums. They lose money when they pay claims. Their bottom line is enhanced when they do not have to pay claims. While we get insurance to protect us from financial harm in the event of an accident, insurers are betting on the fact that most people will not file a claim.

Upon filing a claim, an insurance adjuster is assigned to the case. Their job is to do everything legally permissible to minimize the final settlement amount.

The adjuster may assist their employer by:

  • Offering a quick settlement. In many cases, an adjuster will come back with a fast settlement offer and tell the victim this is the maximum settlement offer. This is seldom the case. In nearly all cases, an adjuster has a “range” of settlement amounts, and they will start at the lowest end. The expectation is that someone out of work is already feeling a financial pinch, and they hope the victim might accept the settlement quickly. Accepting the first offer is seldom a good idea. Once the victim accepts the settlement, the insurance company is under no obligation to the victim, even when the victim’s losses are more than the settlement.
  • Flooding victims with documents. An accident victim who has suffered a catastrophic injury may be inundated with documents from the insurance company. Some of these documents must be filled out, signed, and returned to the insurance company. Unfortunately, in some cases, these documents may also contain language restricting a victim’s rights.
  • Advises them not to seek legal advice. Adjusters know that when an attorney gets involved in an accident case, they will advocate for the injured person. Therefore, in many cases, they will tell victims that getting an attorney involved will only slow down the process. This is a protection mechanism because adjusters understand that when an attorney advocates for a client, they will push the insurance company to offer fair and reasonable compensation.

Accident victims have a lot to be concerned about following an accident. A victim’s stress after a Tampa catastrophic injury should not be underestimated. Victims need time to recover both physically and mentally from the accident. When a victim hires Holliday Karatinos Law Firm to negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf, they know they are taking the first step to leveling the playing field. Make no mistake; the insurer has a legal team helping them make decisions.

Write A What To Do After A Catastrophic Injury Accident In Tampa

Naturally, after any type of accident, the first thing a victim should do is seek medical attention. This is a necessity, regardless of whether a victim believes their injury is serious or not. Only when a victim has medical proof can an attorney help them prove they suffered an injury.

Some of the other steps a victim of an accident can take to strengthen their claim include:

  • Following doctor’s orders. As frustrating as it may be, a doctor puts a treatment plan in place for a reason. They aim to help victims restore their physical health as soon as possible. Following all treatment plans, including pain medication regimens, staying home when necessary, and taking all medication as directed are important steps for a catastrophic accident victim.
  • Records matter when filing claims. Certain documents can be very helpful when filing a claim with an insurance company. In addition to receipts for medical bills, medications, and medical devices, a victim should consider keeping a journal. These journals should include information regarding how the injury has altered a victim’s life, recording pain severity, and, when appropriate, mental health issues resulting from the injury. These records can provide tremendous help.
  • Avoid social media. These days, people share personal information with friends and family on social media. After an accident that causes an injury, avoid these interactions. Remember, insurance companies will conduct silent investigations, and even an innocent social media post can cause problems for victims.
  • Refer insurance company calls. Share all calls and correspondence from the insurance companies with the victim’s attorney. Once a victim has hired a lawyer, they should not answer any questions the insurer or an adjuster asks. Never provide a recorded statement, and never sign any documents without an attorney reviewing them first.

Victims should make sure that all documentation relevant to their accident, including receipts, journals, accident reports, and correspondence from the insurer, should be taken to the free, initial consultation at Holliday Karatinos Law Firm. Should a victim not have any of the needed documents available, however, the staff will be more than happy to help them obtain what they require to thoroughly review the case.

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