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Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa

Large trucks roll down Tampa-area highways and along its neighborhood streets every day, delivering commercial cargo and packages to our doorsteps. We need trucks to keep the Tampa region humming, but our reliance on them comes at a steep cost. Truck accidents on Tampa roads exact a heavy toll, leaving numerous victims badly injured and struggling to afford their recovery costs.

The Holliday Karatinos Law Firm fights for injured Tampa truck accident victims. Our team has the experience and resources to handle the biggest truck accident cases and an impressive record of recovering fair financial settlements. If you or someone you love suffered harm in a Tampa truck accident, we want to help you explore your rights to compensation. Reach out to a Tampa truck accident lawyer.

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Seasoned Truck Accident Attorneys in Tampa

At the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we understand the devastation a truck accident can cause for innocent victims. With over 65 years of combined experience advocating for injured accident victims, attorneys James Holliday, Theodore "Ted" Karatinos, and Oscar Perez have seen people's struggles when accidents upend their lives. And we've taken their fight on as our own, securing over $125 million in recoveries for injured clients since 2006.

Thanks to our past successes, our team possesses a deep well of knowledge and resources to handle even the Tampa region’s biggest, most complicated truck accident cases. We’re not afraid to go toe-to-toe with big trucking companies and insurance carriers.

Our former clients and fellow lawyers know us as a team of skilled, resourceful, determined trial lawyers—just the sort of advocates you need if a truck crash injures you or someone you love.

Tampa Truck Crashes Cause Devastation

According to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) crash data, dozens of truck crashes happen on Tampa roads annually. That’s far less often than car accidents, but don’t let the numbers fool you. What truck accidents lack in frequency, they more than make up for in destruction.

Trucks are the largest vehicles on the road. They far outweigh passenger cars. In a collision with a smaller vehicle, they usually inflict severe damage. Cars can easily get crushed by or trapped under a truck. Occupants of smaller vehicles in a truck crash commonly suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Truck accidents also cause widespread property destruction and the risk of triggering additional collisions. Spilled cargo from a truck crash can create obstacles in the road that other drivers have no time to avoid. Toxic or flammable cargo can also unleash environmental damage and endanger motorists and nearby communities.

Truck drivers, too, face significant danger in some crashes. A truck rollover, in particular, frequently leads to severe injury or death for the trucker, as does any truck accident that triggers a fire or explosion.

Compensation for Tampa Truck Crash Victims

Florida law generally entitles Tampa truck accident victims to claim compensation from any party responsible for causing the crash (and that party’s liability insurance policy). At the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we represent injured truck crash victims in seeking compensation. Our team handles all aspects of a truck accident case, from identifying the parties at fault to zealously negotiating for maximum compensation.

Liability for a Truck Accident in Tampa

Numerous parties can face legal and financial liability for a Tampa truck crash. The Holliday Karatinos Law Firm team works diligently to identify everyone whose poor decisions or dangerous actions led to an accident that injured our clients.

Through careful investigation, we can collect evidence to determine that liability rests with, for example:

  • A negligent truck driver whose fatigue or lapse of attention behind the wheel resulted in a collision;
  • A trucking company that failed to train its driver in best practices or did not maintain a truck in safe operating condition;
  • A truck equipment manufacturer that sold defective products that contributed to a loss of control;
  • A motorist whose careless or reckless driving around a truck led to a crash;
  • A government road agency or contractor at fault for unreasonably dangerous road conditions that triggered an accident.

These examples cover some potentially liable parties in a Tampa truck crash. Often, our research uncovers multiple parties whose actions played a role in a collision, each of whom may have liability for damages to our client. The most reliable way to determine who might owe you damages for your injuries is to speak with an experienced Tampa truck accident lawyer today. The Holliday Karatinos Law Firm offers a free consultation to help you get started.

Money Damages for Tampa Truck Accidents

As a Tampa truck accident victim, you generally have the right to claim compensation for the harm you suffered. The experienced truck crash lawyers at the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm work with our clients to understand the full scope of the trauma done to them. We want to take action on your behalf to seek the maximum possible damages for your injuries and losses.

Every case we handle differs, but through an insurance claim or lawsuit, our team can typically seek payment for your:

  • Costs of medical care needed to treat your truck crash injuries and related health difficulties;
  • Expenses in recovering from, adapting to, or living with your injuries, such as replacement services and modifications to your home;
  • Lost wages due to missing work while recovering from injuries;
  • Vacation time and sick leave used while out of work;
  • Loss of future income because your injury will keep you out of work temporarily or permanently;
  • Pain, suffering, and loss of quality of life;
  • Inconvenience and disruption of personal relationships.

In addition, the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm team may also seek punitive damages for a truck accident caused by extremely reckless or intentional misconduct by the at-fault party. These damages intend to punish and deter the at-fault party's behavior. Contact us today to discuss the potential types and compensation ranges you might claim for your Tampa truck accident injuries.

The Importance of Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer

Tampa truck accident victims can benefit from choosing their lawyer carefully. The most effective lawyer will have years of experience representing victims of truck crashes, specifically. That’s because truck accident cases tend to pose challenges that only a skilled, seasoned lawyer knows how to handle.

Multiple Victims

The widespread destruction of a truck accident frequently leads to multiple injuries and casualties. Each of those victims has the right to claim damages from the at-fault party or parties. As the number of claims increases in an accident case, so does its complexity.

The experienced truck accident lawyers at the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm know how to protect clients’ interests when multiple victims seek a share of the compensation funds available.

Commercial Interests

Trucks are commercial vehicles. Multiple parties may have a business interest in a loaded tractor-trailer. In the wake of a crash, individuals and businesses could face liability for victims' damages. To protect themselves against large financial losses, those parties may use tactics like blaming each other, concealing or destroying evidence, or seeking refuge in bankruptcy court.

It takes the skill and street smarts of a seasoned truck accident lawyer—like the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm team—to protect your rights against these maneuvers.

Complex Evidence

A large truck crash scene in Tampa can span a wide area of destruction. Determining the cause of the accident and locating the evidence to prove liability can pose an enormous challenge for any accident investigator. You need a lawyer who understands the trucking industry, knows where to look for key evidence, and appreciates how to employ forensic and industry experts to build a compelling case.

The Holliday Karatinos Law Firm is experienced in utilizing these resources and carefully crafting a truck accident claim.

How We Help In Tampa Truck Accident Cases

Tampa truck accident lawyer

At the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we strive to provide comprehensive legal services and support for our injured clients. We pride ourselves in our determined advocacy and considerate counseling of truck accident victims. In any given case, we possess the abilities and resources to:

  • Take swift action to protect your rights against multiple victims and liable parties;
  • Investigate the causes of a truck crash with the help of forensic and trucking industry experts when needed;
  • Evaluate your case quickly and explain your options clearly;
  • Answer your questions promptly and accurately;
  • Take over all communications with insurance companies and accident investigators on your behalf;
  • Submit detailed insurance claims to at-fault parties’ liability insurance carriers;
  • File and litigate lawsuits against at-fault parties and insurance companies for damages;
  • Negotiate settlements on your behalf with insurance adjusters, accident investigators, and neutral mediators;
  • Fight for your rights in courts, arbitrations, and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Take your case to trial to prove at-fault parties’ liability and your damages to a judge and jury;
  • Collect and disburse the money at-fault parties and insurers owe to you.

The Holliday Karatinos Law Firm team also understands that you may face financial difficulties after a Tampa truck accident. For that reason, we routinely represent truck crash victims on a contingent fee basis, which means we only get paid if we win for you. No one who needs our help in a truck accident case needs to worry about how to pay for our services.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Rights

The days and weeks after getting hurt in a Tampa truck accident can feel overwhelming. It helps to have guidance in making decisions that could affect your rights and financial future, which is why we encourage you to contact us at the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm for a free consultation as soon as possible. Meanwhile, however, following the tips below can help to protect you from common but costly errors.

Make Medical Care Your Priority

Not all truck accident injuries show symptoms immediately. But some can worsen and threaten your life if you don’t begin treatment right away. To protect your health, seek medical attention as soon as possible after getting into a truck accident, even if you feel ok. Only a qualified medical professional can evaluate your condition accurately.

Seeking care promptly also safeguards your legal rights. Doctor visits generate medical records that a lawyer can use to prove your injuries and damages. Conversely, if you don’t seek care, an at-fault party or insurance company will surely dispute how you suffered your injuries or how serious they are.

Do Not Agree to a Quick Settlement

The many parties who may have liability to you for Tampa truck accident injuries may try to avoid financial responsibility by offering you a quick settlement of your potential claim. Do not bite at that offer without consulting an attorney. It will almost surely fall well short of the amount you deserve and that an experienced truck accident lawyer can secure on your behalf. And if you accept it, you could sacrifice your rights to seek additional damages later.

Legal maneuverings and official investigations happen rapidly after a truck accident. It’s critical to have experienced counsel on your side as soon as possible to ensure you have a seat at the table and a voice in any negotiations or court proceedings. Additionally, the law sets deadlines on your ability to take legal action called the statute of limitations. If you wait too long to get legal help and the statute of limitations expires, you could lose your rights entirely.

Your initial discussion with a lawyer from the Holliday Karatinos Law Firm is always free of charge. You won't owe us a penny for your consultation, even if you decide not to hire us in your Tampa truck accident case. You have nothing to lose in talking to us and lots to gain.

Contact an Experienced Tampa Truck Accident Attorney Today

A Tampa truck accident brings chaos and pain into your life. You deserve compensation from the parties whose actions caused your injuries and losses. The Holliday Karatinos Law Firm knows how to help you pursue it and is ready to fight for what you deserve.

Our team has successfully represented numerous Tampa-area truck accident victims. We want to help you explore your rights and options, too. Contact us today at (813) 868-1887 for your free consultation with our experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer and learn how our team can relieve your legal burden.

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"Attorney James Holliday is the best attorney I have ever worked with. I went to him after an auto accident and I was impressed with his knowledge of the situation and judgement on how to proceed. In the end, Mr. Holliday was able to obtain full compensation. He was also a pleasure to work with."
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