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Many Tampa residents use golf carts to get around, not at the golf course but in their neighborhoods or at the beach. A golf cart can offer an easier means of transportation than walking, especially when hauling a great deal of beach gear, but that does not necessarily make it a safe mode of transportation. Using a golf cart can bring with it a number of dangers, including the risk of an accident out in traffic.

At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we offer support for golf cart accident victims who may have sustained injuries due to another party’s negligence. Contact a golf cart accident lawyer today to discuss your right to compensation after an accident.

Get the Help You Need With Your Tampa Golf Cart Accident Claim

At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we help injured people, including the victims of Tampa golf cart accidents, recover the compensation they deserve for the injuries they may have sustained due to the negligence of another party. Our team of experienced attorneys makes each case a personal commitment, helping our clients feel more confident that they will get reasonable compensation for the often severe damages that can accompany a serious accident.

We Have Over 50 Years of Experience Helping Accident Victims Across Florida

At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we have considerable experience helping the victims of serious injuries in Florida pursue the full compensation they deserve for those injuries. While our past claims cannot guarantee the future results of your claim, we bring the same level of experience and commitment to every case, which helps increase the odds of a better outcome.

We Focus On Respect and Compassion for Every Client

The aftermath of a Tampa golf cart accident can prove incredibly complicated and stressful. You have serious injuries to deal with, and you may also find yourself aggressively fighting the insurance company in your quest for compensation.

All too often, our clients note that insurance companies do not seem to treat them with respect as the company fights to reduce the compensation it has to pay out. Worse, insurance companies often completely set compassion by the wayside as they focus on the financial elements of those claims.

At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we treat every client with high respect and compassion, providing you with the support you need as you navigate your claim.

We Have the Capability to Take On Claims Big and Small

Whether you suffered massive injuries in your Tampa golf cart accident or have relatively minor injuries for which you need to pursue compensation, Holliday Karatinos Law Firm can help you. We have the resources to go up against the big names in auto insurance, and we aim to help our clients recover fair, just compensation for their losses.

Do you need to file an injury claim after a Tampa golf cart accident? Contact Holliday Karatinos Law Firm today to discuss your rights and your claim.

Calculating Compensation After a Tampa Golf Cart Accident

Depending on how your Tampa golf cart accident occurred, you may find yourself dealing with severe injuries, a long road to compensation, and many questions about your next steps. At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we cannot guarantee the compensation our clients will recover for injuries sustained in a golf cart accident. However, we aim to help our clients break down all the losses associated with their golf cart accidents and better understand how much compensation they should expect.

Evaluating Your Medical Bills

In many cases, following your golf cart accident, you will find that your medical bills form the basis for your claim. When you have serious injuries, you will typically have equally high medical bills to go with them. Likewise, if you suffer minor injuries, you may have lower medical bills than someone who has sustained serious or life-altering injuries in a golf cart accident.

Talk to your lawyer about all the medical costs your Tampa golf cart accident led to. From care at Tampa General Hospital or AdventHealth Tampa to the ongoing cost of therapy and medical care after your accident, ensure you evaluate all the details of those medical bills to include them in your claim.

Calculating Income Losses

In addition to your medical expenses, you may have significant income losses related to your Tampa golf cart accident. While Tampa has a significant senior population who may not need to work, with over 12 percent of the population over 65, many Tampa residents still rely on their jobs to generate income. A golf cart accident can interfere with that income stream and make it difficult for patients to return to work.

Many patients who have suffered serious injuries in a golf cart accident will find that they need weeks or even months before they can get back to work. Worse, some Tampa golf cart accident victims may find that their injuries permanently prevent them from returning to their previous field of employment. Talk to your lawyer about the wages you missed because of your golf cart accident and how you can include them in your claim.

Factoring in Pain and Suffering

You can often include compensation for the suffering you had to contend with after your accident as part of your Tampa golf cart accident claim. Golf cart accident injuries can cause significant suffering that has nothing to do with the financial strain created by the accident. Talk to your lawyer to learn more about how you can include all those elements of suffering as part of your claim.

Tampa Golf Cart Accidents: How Do They Occur?

Many Tampa residents use golf carts to get around in their communities. However, in choosing to use those golf carts, they may have to rely heavily on others around them to keep them safe on the road. Golf cart accidents often occur as a result of driver negligence.

While Tampa ordinances allow the use of golf carts on public roads, golf cart drivers should choose their routes carefully to avoid increased risk.

  • Distracted drivers can increase the risk of an accident with a golf cart. Tampa drivers, especially those headed out to the beach or on vacation, may fail to notice the presence of a golf cart on the road with them, which may increase the risk of an accident considerably. Golf carts do not fit the same visual profile as passenger vehicles, so drivers may not notice them as readily.
  • Frustrated drivers may engage in road rage because golf carts cannot go as fast as they can. Golf carts may seem “in the way” in residential neighborhoods. Frustrated drivers may choose to speed around them or engage in other reckless behaviors that can increase the risk of an accident.
  • Damaged golf carts may increase the risk of an accident. Mechanical failures can sometimes lead to accidents involving substantial injuries as drivers navigate the streets of Tampa.
  • Driving irresponsibly in poor weather may increase the risk of a golf cart accident. Like much of Florida, Tampa can face heavy rainfall that comes up quickly and disappears just as fast. While golf carts may offer more protection from the elements than simply walking, golf cart drivers may struggle with poor visibility. Passenger vehicle drivers may also have difficulty dealing with significant weather issues while navigating around golf carts.

Passenger vehicle drivers often bear liability for Tampa golf cart accidents because they may not exercise adequate caution around golf carts. Tampa golf cart accident victims should turn to a lawyer for help establishing liability after an accident.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Tampa Golf Cart Accident

Dealing with the insurance company after a golf cart accident in Tampa can prove very stressful. Insurance companies often fight to minimize the compensation they have to pay out rather than offering compassion and support to the victims of Tampa golf cart accidents.

They may pressure the victim of an accident to accept a settlement offer that does not reflect the damages they sustained, or they may even refuse to accept liability for the accident. Golf cart accident victims may fear they will not get the compensation they deserve for those losses.

At Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, we understand the challenges accompanying a golf cart accident and have the resources to help our clients fight. We have successfully helped our clients navigate the legal system and recover reasonable compensation for their losses.

Tampa Golf Cart Accident FAQ

Does Pip Insurance Cover Golf Cart Accidents?

In some cases, your Florida PIP insurance may include some compensation for the medical costs that often accompany a devastating golf cart accident. You have the right to use your PIP coverage any time you suffer injuries in an auto accident, even if you did not necessarily have that accident in your vehicle. A lawyer can help review your coverage and give you more information.

Does the Person Who Caused My Golf Cart Accident in Tampa Have to Pay My Medical Bills?

Dealing with the medical bills that go along with your golf cart accident can prove incredibly difficult. The party that caused your accident will not have to take on responsibility for covering those medical costs. As the person receiving that care, you will need to make arrangements with your care providers to pay for the cost of treatment. However, a golf cart accident claim can provide much-needed funds to help cover the cost of injuries sustained in a golf cart accident.

What Should I Do to Protect Myself After a Tampa Golf Cart Accident?

Suffering injuries in a Tampa golf cart accident may leave you with high medical bills, serious injuries, and a long struggle ahead.

To protect yourself, you may need to:

  • Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can. A lawyer can guide you through the claim process and provide essential insight into how you can best manage your case to improve the compensation you can recover for your injuries.
  • Avoid talking to the insurance company yourself after the accident. The insurance company may try to reduce the compensation it has to pay for your golf cart accident, and the adjuster may use anything you say against you. Letting a lawyer handle those communications reduces the risk of misunderstandings and complications in the claim process.
  • Document all costs associated with medical treatment for your accident. By carefully watching your medical costs, you can much more easily establish exactly what you had to spend on care after your accident.
  • Keep a journal that documents the details of your recovery, including the challenges you may have had to face along the way.
  • Follow any recommendations issued by your medical care providers. Remember that the more closely you follow those recommendations, the more you showcase your commitment to making a full recovery. Failure to follow those instructions could cause the insurance company to reject part or even all of your claim.

By working closely with a lawyer, you can get more information about the golf cart accident claim process and how to best work your way through it.

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